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Just Women’s Sports Podcast – Listen Here

Women’s sport podcast has never been more popular, and men’s sports are more visible up to 10 times in the major media. I bet we can all mention ten male players in ten various fields, but find it hard to name a few sportswomen. But one woman took a step forward to balance this out, Haley Rosen. Sports have been a family figure of mainstream media for years. In the modern-day world, podcasts allow us to indulge in content talking about the sports we love.

Haley Rosen established a digital media company after learning she had a limited portal to fundamental information about women’s sports Podcast.

And since podcast is getting more attention from the public, women, in particular, are finding the time to listen. As per Westwood One’s report in 2019, women represent 63% of weekly podcast listeners. Thus, women are driving podcast growth.

The Four Podcasts You Should Listen To In Just Women’s Sports

Two years ago, Haley Rosen, a former pro soccer player, launched Just Women’s Sports. A digital company devoted to bringing shine and spotlight to women’s sports. It only started as an Instagram account, but look where it got as of this day – JWS has become one of the top female sports podcasts, providing fans with full coverage at several sites.

The Players’ Pod

The Players’ Pod is the first podcast set up by Haley Rosen with another World Cup champion, Kelley O’Hara. In this exciting Just Women’s Sports podcast, Kelley O’Hara takes us into long-form discussions with some of the well-known female athletes. Each guest shares their untold story of how they became an athlete and the challenges before coming this far in their career.


NetLife with Dawn Staley basically conveys her life in totality. She is a Four-time Olympic gold medalist, an American basketball Hall of Famer, and currently the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Dawn gets into real, deep talks with her guests in various areas about the important things to them – about the things that make them move forward, do well, something that can upset them, and makes them the person that is admired by many.


“Snacks” is a podcast hosted by NWSL champions and US Women’s National Team stars Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams, who also happen to be best friends. Through genuine and sometimes witty conversations, the two USWNT teammates give us an inside look at what’s happening in the world of soccer as they journey across life, and sports, among others.

Tea With A & Phee

The podcast of the two WNBA Rookies of the Year (2018&2019), A’ja Wilson and Napheesa Collier, is all about basketball. It features the league’s personalities and veterans that remain latent on the women’s side. The two stars also bring us behind the scenes in their personal lives and careers in the WNBA’s bubble.

What I Do Love About The Podcast?

Avid supporters of women’s sports are so done browsing through every page to find some general facts. Hardly any platforms contain this information – there are some but with only limited access.

But these podcasts showcase the biggest names in women’s sports. – you name them, World Champions, Olympians, and legends of their respective sport. And these women are openly sharing untold stories, behind-the-scenes experiences that we usually wouldn’t hear or see. Since the hosts are all into sports, they know what to ask from their co-athletes and really connect with them.

The podcasts are very inspirational and informative. It’s nice to see women being role models for young kids. Men’s and women’s sports should be treated equally; neither is better or worse, as both excel in their own game. I agree that women’s sports differ from men’s, but they have much to contribute.

Haley Rosen and all the hosts of the podcasts are giving a voice of confidence. Reaching out to women but also fathers and other male figures across many countries.

What Do I Hate?

I guess there’s nothing to hate about this podcast. Especially when it’s a platform that is enlightening, inspiring, and sharing in-depth and exciting stories about women. Although there is a review in a particular podcast that says the host was a bit impolite toward her guests as she kept on interrupting when the guest was telling her stories.

We can only please some. Everybody has their own opinion or view of a particular scenario, right?

The Verdict

Men, it’s okay to listen to these podcasts from time to time; you might learn something from them. With the tremendous opportunities in the industry and how compelling and extraordinary we find sportswomen, this podcast offers an amazing platform for people who frequently feel out of place.

After listening to these podcasts, you’ll be inspired to retrace and follow your dreams and ambitions. There is still time! Be the person you want to be!


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